Universal Alignment

Universal Source is my homeboy/girl/being/energy as they say. I’m currently being guided in writing a book to help it get it’s message across. I also make videos to keep you up to date with what it wants the world to know. This is where I put these (so they are in one easy to find place) so you can peruse them at your leisure and, if you wish, start living in Alignment with what Universal Source want from us. Here’s a hint – you get to re-live it so make it worth re-living! So while you get watching I’ll be making more vids and writing away so be sure to sign up to my mailing list so I can keep you up to date about new vids, the book and other stuff I’m doing. Hugs.

Cycle of Life

Do you want to know what happens after you die? The Universe has been giving me all sorts of information regarding this issue. This video gives you a quick rundown on what I have received.

Spiritual Load

What affects our healing journey when we pass over? Spiritual load covers some of the choices we make that affect others that are outside our immediate realm of influence. This video looks at how we are affected by the spiritual load attached to the use of animals in our lives, and how we can make better choices to avoid Spiritual Load.