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Looking at the world through half closed eyes is easier than opening ourselves to the truth.

Opening our eyes to the world can be a challenging idea. Many people go through life not looking at it, either by living a life of mediocrity, by becoming so wound up in their own little things in life, or by shutting down and not caring about what is out there. This is especially a…

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You are made up of millions of tiny little cells.

The issues in the world are of importance. When you find a way to balance awareness of the matters (and the frustrations that go with it) and an ability to be at peace, it is important to hold onto it. It is too easy to allow yourself to succumb to the frustrations, anger, hatred, and…

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Circle within. Look at yourself before looking to others.

It doesn’t matter how spiritual or enlightened you have become, there are always days when you just wish that frustrating other person would just change and fix themselves! Days where being told to “fix yourself and those around you will change” is enough to make you want to scream! Times where being told “you are…

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