Tag : Extraordinary

You are amazing!

Without you in their lives, who would your family be? Without you in their lives, who would your friends be? You are lucky to be here, lucky to be alive in a body that can do amazing things. You are amazing so stop judging yourself against others. You are amazing so stop feeling small. You…

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Looking at the world through half closed eyes is easier than opening ourselves to the truth.

Opening our eyes to the world can be a challenging idea. Many people go through life not looking at it, either by living a life of mediocrity, by becoming so wound up in their own little things in life, or by shutting down and not caring about what is out there. This is especially a…

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Isn’t life extraordinary?

This is a photo of three generations of feet. My mother, myself and my daughter. It reminds me that I am truly amazing, that my life is truly amazing. Even when it seems life is just a morass of sameness, remembering the continuity of life, and that I am an outcome of that, that I…

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