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You are amazing!

Without you in their lives, who would your family be? Without you in their lives, who would your friends be? You are lucky to be here, lucky to be alive in a body that can do amazing things. You are amazing so stop judging yourself against others. You are amazing so stop feeling small. You…

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Shine a light on what you do.

This is not so much about letting yourself shine. While I totally encourage that, in this one, I am asking you to really look at your actions. Look at your mistakes. Look at your patterns. What do you find yourself doing again and again? Is it something in you that makes it happen? My guess…

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You are made up of millions of tiny little cells.

The issues in the world are of importance. When you find a way to balance awareness of the matters (and the frustrations that go with it) and an ability to be at peace, it is important to hold onto it. It is too easy to allow yourself to succumb to the frustrations, anger, hatred, and…

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