SOULLL – Seers of Universal Life Lessons Love

Are you interested in learning more about the world and another perspective on how it all works?

SOULLL – Seers of Universal Life Lessons Love connects you with deeper understanding of how the world, life and death work. This understanding is linked to finding peace in your life through taking responsibility for your decisions during life, so you can find deeper peace when you pass. It is a belief framework that works on its own or can fit within other belief systems.

Here you can download and print out a 4 page booklet that gives you an introduction to SOULLL – Seers of Universal Life Lessons Love. Click the image below.

Introduction to SOULLL

This is an introduction to the concept of SOULLL – Seers of Universal Life Lessons Love. It’s a way of looking at life and death that may have the answers many people are looking for. The first video will become available here on the 10th February. If you would like to watch future broadcasts live please like the SOULLL Facebook page at

Who is the Seer in your life?

Who is the Seer in your life? What is meant by Seers of Universal Life Lessons Love?

During this video an explanation of the word Seer and what that means in regards to SOULLL.

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In response to another school shooting in the US

Soul Journey - 9 Steps

Want to know more about the soul journey? Here is a brief description of the journey, including life, death, healing, becoming one with source, and rebirth. Want to watch the Broadcasts live? Jon the SOULLL community at

Break the Shell

Sometimes I just want to hide in bed, or somewhere else safe. Going outside of that space just feels so hard. While there are times when it is important to be self protective in this way, to give yourself time, other times it is more helpful to get out into life. Facing fears, getting outside your comfort zone is challenging. But what are we here for? We are here to learn, and there is only so much we can learn while we hide under our metaphorical blankets. I am challenging myself, and I’m asking you to join me, in getting out of our comfort zones, do something you fear a little and see if it helps to lift your mood.
This is one step we can all take to become the Seers in our own lives. If you’d like to learn more you can join us at and watch the videos live.

Why Are We Here?

What is the point of these journeys to life? Why is Universal Source interested in learning from us? Please like and share!

LGBTQI+ What does Universal Source think?

It has been shared throughout history that God hates homosexuality. And yet, God/Source creates all of us as we are intended to be. Source doesn’t hate anyone. It can find some behaviours reprehensible and so it has a plan to let you re-experience your wrong doings… but it does that same for all of us, so it is up to you to decide how you behave, and your sexuality has very little to do with it.

SOULLL and Spiritual Load

What affects our healing journey when we pass over? Spiritual load covers some of the choices we make that affect others that are outside our immediate realm of influence. This video looks at how we are affected by the spiritual load attached to the use of animals in our lives, and how we can make better choices to avoid Spiritual Load.

Looking after yourself within SOULLL.

Source wants you to look after yourself. It isn’t all about being good to others.

Look at your life. You see that generally you are good to the people around you, you make ethical choices about what you buy, you recycle, you give to charity. You are a good person. And then you look in the mirror. What do you see? What do you tell yourself?