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I often suggest particular books or resources during a reading. This is the place to find them so you know you are accessing the correct resource. Many of them can be found in other places, like second hand bookstores. I find Amazon is an excellent resource for easy to find material on these subjects.

Please know that I do not recommend books or items that I have not read or used personally.

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The Emotion Code, Bradley Nelson

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The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson was my first foray into the esoteric. After months of a friend telling me about different resources, he handed me the video course that is a companion of this book and I was riveted. I went on to read the book which is written in an easy to follow manner with friendly language for those who might be challenged by esoteric concepts like I was at the time. It encompasses an easy to learn healing methodology that really works. Using it I managed to break down many of my own barriers and I still use this method today.

I even looked at becoming a practitioner but alas, that was not my path. Use of the method allowed me to become open to seeing, feeling, and hearing for other messages. It allowed to reach beyond what I can see with my eyes to find more of the depths of the universe.

I would recommend this book and the practice of this modality if you are finding yourself in continual patterns of self-sabotage, as it helps you look at the deeper reasons for your actions. It does this through a growing gentle self-awareness, of your inner self, your journey so far and how the two can collide.  It also shows you a practical way to unwind these collisions so you can move into your future in a clearer, more grounded way.

You can purchase this book through Amazon using my affiliate link (Australia –, anywhere else –, which would really help me out, or search for it yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book with comments below.