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Vocal training should be part of every teacher’s education. I have felt passionate about vocal projection and protection for teachers since I started teaching. Luckily, before entering teacher training, I received vocal training as part of my acting degree. This was my saving grace because teacher’s college did not address teacher’s vocal maintenance.

Name another career that requires such arduous use of the voice…

Something as simple as a common cold can be the cause of voice damage.

As a teacher, here’s what I’ve developed to help you protect and project your voice… before it’s too late.

Globally, the teaching profession has the highest rate of vocal dysfunction. Too many wait until they have damage to get help. Both short-term and long-term damage can be avoided by proper vocal training.

This easy course over 6 weeks can help you prevent vocal damage and keep a strong voice throughout your career.

You need this information, you might not even realise it yet, but at some point in your career your voice could cause you short-term or long-term issues unless you look after it.

The course covers explanations, exercises and downloadable resources in:

  • Breathing
  • Vocal Production
  • Diction
  • Expression
  • Vocal Protection
  • Vocal Projection

All of this is only $97 for ongoing access to the course content, and you can tax deduct the cost… This is very low cost insurance. In this version of the course you take yourself through the content at your own pace, While the content is the same, studies show that with courses such as these, you have better outcomes and are more likely to complete the course with a study group supporting you and ongoing support from the facilitator.

Have a look at the full curriculum list on the tab above for details of the course content. Note there are some free trial options.

The course is accepted by the Teacher Registration Board in your state under the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers covering standards in areas 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.  Therefore, in Australia the cost of this course is tax deductible for teachers as a part of their professional development. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course as proof you can provide to the department.

The reason I am offering this course for such a low price is because I believe every teacher needs access to it. Please share that this course exists with your teacher friends. They need it too. They will thank you for it. Each time you learn something during the course that you know will help you with your voice, use the cue in the course to let your friends know about the course. Teachers understand the importance of learning.

Some feedback from the Course:

“What a difference! Now I know what I’ve been doing wrong all these years and how to fix it. Thank you!” PB

“The course was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I use it religiously every day now and it is well and truly part of my routine. I am so grateful for it. Thank you.” LT

“Voice – The mechanics of how the sound is produced is helpful information for me as a teacher.” TB

“I really appreciate the way we learnt some new techniques, I hope I can implement these in my teaching” SR

“This was great, Thanks Natalie – we need more and earlier in our careers. Exceptional.” JF

“Many thanks Natalie. I will practice the exercises now I know what to do.” JH

“Really clear and precise info.” BM

Very pleasant thank you. Worksheets very clear.” NG

“It was really good to develop the awareness of how to do the exercises and the purpose of them.” KW

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Please note: A student rate is available, please find more information at http://www.natalieblank.com.au/student-rates/


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Natalie Blank has trained as both an actor and a teacher. During her first year of teaching she realised she had a great advantage over her colleagues. She could get through a term of teaching without losing her voice or getting a sore throat. After extensive research she discovered that vocal damage is an enormous problem in the education industry. This is not surprising as teachers use their voices all day to do their job. Natalie has created the Voice for Teachers course in order to help teachers learn to use their voices effectively in the classroom as well as how to protect their voices so they can have a long career doing what they love without causing damage that can drastically effect and even end their career.

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