Voice for Teachers – New Year 2020

Voice for Teachers – New Year 2020

Breathing for Vocal Production

Before we go any further (I know we are just starting but stay with me…) breathe out, breathe all the air out of your body. All empty now? Great, now before you inhale, say, “Fred has long legs”.

Did anything some out? If something did squeak out, did it have any strength?

Breath is what creates voice, without breath there is no noise.

The voice works by air flowing between two muscles that vibrate. Simply put, that is what makes the sound that we call our voice.

The following video explains some of the more technical aspects of how we breathe including some of the basic physics behind it.

Our breath is important to our voices. If it is strong, our voice is strong. If it is weak, our voice is weak.

If we start by strengthening our breathing, we have a solid foundation for the rest of our vocal growth.

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