Free Car Mini Reading – Mustang

Free Car Mini Reading – Mustang

Free Car Mini Reading – Mustang

Here is your reading for Mustang. This one has two aspects so be sure to read the whole thing. If the first bit seems a little too strong, read on.

Sometimes a reader will get a message that is not so easy to deliver and this is one of those times(this one I am quite uncomfortable with so I am sorry if you don’t like what it says, I give you what I get and I hope it helps.) You are easily misread. You are a challenging person for others. This leads to some interesting moments in your life. It is important to look to yourself when you keep having the same interactions with different people. I get that it’s a pain in the arse, (thanks spirit) but there is something about you that causes friction and it is mostly unconscious on your part.

People read you wrong. If you find yourself in moments of conflict or even just in uncomfortable situations with people it is because you are hard to read. I hate to say it but have you heard of “bitchy resting face”? (Sometimes spirit is such a cow and makes me use terms I would never use to describe someone otherwise so I apologise for any offense) I am seeing a face that is misread in the worst possible way. You don’t even realise you are doing it. It means that others never see your inner self. Some think you are a card, that you are hilarious because they don’t get you are genuinely communicating with them. If you feel alone, I am sorry, I see this is not something you want or try to achieve. You are a genuinely warm, caring, loving fun person underneath your exterior. Find some people you can really relate to and ask for their assistance.

I am reading you as the other Mustang I read felt like the extreme end of the message so I wanted to find a more rounded answer to the theme. You are a generous person with lots of energy and a lightning trigger if someone pushes your buttons. While usually you are fairly happy-go-lucky, you have some buttons that god-forbid they get pushed. These buttons are mostly pushed when you don’t realise how you are coming across to others. We all get a little strident at times, and that is fine, but when your brows come down, others loose the ability to read you. You might think you are still coming across light and airy but there is a set to your face that looks different to your usual mild mannered self. This makes others defensive, which puts your back up. I get the feeling that people being defensive really gets you going as you wonder what is causing their discomfort. Try breathing next time this happens, and see the difference it makes. Hugs

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  • Bablofil

    May 18, 2017

    Thanks, great article.

    • Natalie Blank


      May 29, 2017

      Thank you for your feedback.

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