Free Car Mini Reading – Fiat 500

Free Car Mini Reading – Fiat 500

Free Car Mini Reading – Fiat 500

Here is your message for Fiat 500. You are a world changer. You feel you were created in the wrong era so you can recognise the changes that need to be made. Sensitive, quite possibly empathic.

You are a high energy being with joy in your heart. You are one of those who feels you were born in the wrong era. However, you are actually in just the right place at just the right time. Your feeling of being disembodied in time is important for you to see what is happening in the world so you can be a part of changing it. When you feel that sensation, know that it is something wrong in the world (or in your own world) that is affecting you, ask what it is and you will soon have an answer. If you need more info ask what you can do to change the situation and you will be given an answer that you can handle. Your sensitivity is one of you biggest strengths. Hugs

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