Free Car Mini Reading – Audi

Free Car Mini Reading – Audi

Free Car Mini Reading – Audi

Here is your message for Audi. You are a manifester. Focused, aligned, clear intentions. Be clear about what you want and you will get it, it is when you are unsure that things go a bit mental for you.

Your breeding shows. You are a refined being who has a clear idea of where you want to be. You sometimes question that idea and think you could go off in a completely different direction, but mostly you are like and arrow pointed at your target. Things flow easily when you stay focused, but when you waver they seem to go haywire. This is because you are a powerful manifester and when you waver, your manifesting powers start working on new directions. If you truly are unsure of your direction, tell the universe you are taking some time out to think and you don’ want to manifest for a time frame (however long you think you’ll need) and take that time to make some decisions. When you are sure, ask the universe to start manifesting for you again. Hugs

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