Free Animal Mini Reading – Spider

Free Animal Mini Reading – Spider

Free Animal Mini Reading – Spider

There are two messages from spider – one if your choice was willing, one if unwilling. Think of your feeling before your choice and take the reading that is in line with your thoughts.

Willing – Here is your message from spider, this message is very much the huntsman pictured, not just any spider. Running round in circles has never been your thing. While others can happily run around in circles building their webs, this does not work for you. You are running towards success at a rate of knots. Allow it to happen. When you need to, stop and assess, but otherwise, the things you are working towards are on their way to you. Hugs


Unwilling – Here is your message from spider, this message takes into account your reluctance in your choice… it always throws up an interesting perspective. What about success are you afraid of? What worries you that you are drawn to it, but so unwillingly. Maybe you need to find another way to chase your success, at the moment you take great bursts towards it and then you stop and cut off your forward momentum. You get moving again when your fear of standing still becomes overwhelming. Perhaps you should try your success hunting in a different way. Look at how different spiders hunt and see if one of the ways appeals to you and would bring in less fear. Hugs

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