Free Animal Mini Reading – Owl

Free Animal Mini Reading – Owl

Here is your message from owl. You have these finely tuned tools that you have put aside for some reason. It is time to pick them back up and use them. Like the owl has amazing physical attributes that make it successful animal, as do you. You have let them go for a while, but be assured they are still there in the muscle memory, in your soul, it will bring you such joy so allow yourself to use those tools again, for the sake of yourself and of others.

There is a time of flying free ahead for you. While you have to get through some turbulence to get there and it might not seem like a positive thing, you will come out the other side feeling a freedom you have not felt for years. You will find yourself feeling that you can choose to do anything you wish. Anything you desire, will be a possibility. Where some feel they have one or two choices, you will have multiple. Be sure to recognise this time so you don’t spend your time regretting something that it was time to let go of. Hugs

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