You are made up of millions of tiny little cells.

You are made up of millions of tiny little cells.

The issues in the world are of importance. When you find a way to balance awareness of the matters (and the frustrations that go with it) and an ability to be at peace, it is important to hold onto it. It is too easy to allow yourself to succumb to the frustrations, anger, hatred, and let them take over your focus. Like a really annoying co-worker in a job you love, they can sap your energy and take away your lust for life. Hold onto your balance.

Negative energies have a tendency to stay within your body. That anger you felt earlier today that you didn’t express at the time… when will it appear, or will it become a part of your energy field that keeps more and more anger coming at you? I find frustration gets to me in that way… I don’t often get frustrated, but when it hits, I can have spirals of it where it just gets worse and worse. I am working on that, what are you working on?



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